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What is the value of your home?

Do you really think that a real estate website can provide you with a reliable and truthful appraisal just by filling out a form online?

Do you seriously believe that in the globalization era, in which the loss of identity has affected all sectors, without any exception, in which we are witnessing a crisis of the typical values of the recent past, in order to pursue an increasingly less concrete and more virtual reality? Can a precious asset like your home be treated as a set of data, impersonal information, aseptic descriptions?

Can a data processing system, a program that executes a sequence of algorithms, an automated-executor be so attentive, accurate and expert to tell you correctly “WHAT IS THE VALUE OF YOUR HOME

To establish the correct market value of a property, consolidated experience and in-depth knowledge of the area are required. The houses must be seen, breathed, reasoned, compared. A real estate estimate is not done in five minutes but is the result of a broad, complex, careful and thoughtful reasoning and of a comparative market analysis.

Immobiliare Il Faro offers years of experience, thousands of houses seen, appraised, sold and rented.

This counts, the daily practice of our work that builds a wealth of experience that is impossible to substitute with formulas and algorithms counts.

Enter Immobiliare Il Faro with confidence and book an appointment for an inspection of the property you want to sell or rent.
You will have a valuable service that constitutes the first step for a correct approach to the market, an opinion that could be useful today or in the future.

And we will come to your home for real, in person…


Franco Monteduro

Franco Monteduro
Immobiliare Il Faro
Associato FIAIP


The service is done by a professional registered in the Register of Real Estate Brokers of the Venice Giulia Chamber of Commerce as well as the Judicial Technical Consultant of the Court of Trieste expert in real estate appraisals and expertises thanks to the daily mediation activity. Immobiliare Il Faro is able to provide updated valuations in accordance with the conditions of the marketplace.

The valuations are done according to a synthetic-comparative method, that is the property to be esteemed comparing to other similar, which may have previously had a placement on the real estate market. Therefore with reference to the metric data and constitutive typologies, taking into consideration the intrinsic and extrinsic characteristics of the properties, will be directly applied average prices-values of the market.

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